The latest technology is used to enhance the performance of your car. A full re-map is done, unlike other companies who simply "chip" your car. Unlike other companies we do not remove your ecu, we can simply update the data in your ECU via the on board computer. If we have to access your ECU directly, then we have all the necessary hardware and components needed to carry out this task (Chip EEprom, EDC15, EDC16 and EDC17 systems). Performance, torque, BHP and fuel economy can be increased.

  • Naturally aspirated cars (non turbo) 10-15 bhp increase
  • Turbo Petrol 25-35 bhp increase
  • Turbo diesel 25-40 bhp increase

We are realistic with our modified output power. No 2 cars are the same, this is why we tune the file for your car. With in house tuning technicians, you can be sure of a service second to none. If you have a car that is listed , then unlock the performance of your car and see what your car can really do.


Simply book your car in, we will connect our hardware and read the data from the ECU. The data will then be sent to our professional engineers who will remap the data The new data will then be programmed back into the car The difference will be noticed as soon as you drive your car. The procedure is smooth, safe and fast and is carried out by one of our experienced engineers.

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